Invoicing Management Services That Keep Your Business Efficient and Profitable

Jones Square’s outsourced invoice processing services help you receive payment from customers without the hassle of managing invoices in-house. We know first-hand the importance of comprehensive bookkeeping and efficient invoicing to keep businesses thriving. That’s why our US-based experts are here to handle those needs for you.

Stop wasting time & money on invoicing companies
that don’t make sense.

Without the right tools or an ineffective accountant, you don’t get paid.

Our outsource invoice accounting experts provide corporate-level invoicing management at a fraction of the cost of competitors and in-house solutions.

Benefit from more than 100 years of collective experience on invoicing (we are the ins-and-outs of it).

Sound Familiar?

  • Not enough time, resources, or training
  • Concerned about expense of outsourcing services to a trusted partner
  • Internal formatting issues and errors
  • Confusion for your accounting team or suppliers
  • Overwhelming feeling and extreme disorganization

Small businesses can get slowed down with invoicing for many reasons.

We’ve seen it all and are here to remove the pain of invoicing management.

Jones Square employees talking with a client in Texas about how they can provide outsourced invoice processing services that can streamline the client's billing process.

Benefits Beyond Fast & Accurate Invoicing

A Jones Square employee assisting a small business owner with outsourced invoice management services


Outsourced invoicing doesn’t have to feel disconnected and impersonal. At Jones Square, our US-based invoicing specialists make it a point to integrate into your company. The more we understand about you, the more we can help.

A Jones Square employee planning a strategy for outsourced invoicing services for a small business near the Plano, Texas area.


We know numbers. Count on us to keep a close eye on the details and provide insights that other invoicing services would ignore. As we manage your bookkeeping, we’ll identify opportunities to help your business grow.

A child realizing the importance of utilizing Jones Square's in-person and virtual outsourced invoice processing services for small businesses in the USA.


100+ years of collective experience. Our degreed leadership and team of accounting professionals have the knowledge and skills to handle a wide variety of situations. Located in Plano, TX and serving businesses across the country.

What our Small Business Accounting clients are saying

We have had the pleasure of serving small businesses across a variety of industries. From construction to the service industry, we provide expertise in a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services and work with you to understand the unique needs of your company and industry.

Your satisfaction is the ultimate gauge of our success. We are proud to be a company our clients can trust.

Debbie ChapmanOwner, TDC Enterprises
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“I know I love having you guys do what you’re doing for me. Really great to have timely information and tax returns. It has really freed me up so much to start enjoying other things in life!”
Connor R. BalesGeneral Manager, Lawns of Dallas
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“Our experience with Jones Square has been nothing short of fantastic. Their firm currently serves our company in many capacities. Those include controllership duties, corporate and personal tax planning and preparation, financial modeling and forecasting, and general business advising. Their staff is professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and pro-active. This level of excellence begins with their associates and moves all the way to their partners. I would confidently give Jones Square Financial my highest professional recommendation.”
Dr. Elizabeth Ritz, PH.D.Ritz Counseling Services
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“My referral to Jones Square came through a highly trusted friend. The Jones Square team has treated me with respect, kindness and patience as I am/was financially quite naive. The staff's knowledge and experience has shaped my financial life so completely so that my goals and actions are now in order. The result is a great peace of mind. I have confidently referred countless clients who need the expert help from Jones Square that results in practical application. I am so grateful for their services!”
Suzanna HarrisonPresident/Agency Principal Nationwide Insurance
Suzanna Harrison Agency, Inc
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“My experience with Jones Square has been wonderful. They have serviced my accounting needs for 10 years plus and are always professional and accurate in their services. I trust them completely and without reservation knowing they always keep my best interests in mind, while following banking/IRS rules regulations. I never worry about the advice I receive from them, since they are so trustworthy. Furthermore, they are quite friendly. I heartily endorse Jones Square without hesitation.”
Michael HollmanOwner, Matco Services
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“Jones Square has been wonderful to work with, since I purchased Matco. They are the complete solution to our back-office accounting issues. Their entire team is courteous, professional and know all aspects of what our small business needs.”

A Partner To Handle Every Detail, Big or Small

When you outsource invoice processing services to Jones Square, you get customized support to meet your small business needs. We provide invoicing management plans for each business we work with, including:

  • Get paid fast and easily
  • Enjoy insight into revenue at all times
  • Online document management
  • Getting scanned invoices from the client
  • Invoice and purchase order matching
  • Auditing and reconciliation of scanned invoices
  • Generating extensive reports
  • Full logging of transactions
Two Jones Square employees looking over client information relating to outsourced invoice processing services.

Getting Started is EASY


Contact us. Once we decide that the relationship is a good fit, we’ll have an initial meeting. In this initial conversation, we begin to learn about your business and how you are currently handling your bookkeeping and accounting. We also gather your materials, such as bills and reports and take note of your current accounting systems.


When everything is gathered, we begin to assess an ideal service plan. Our service plans are customized to each client based on their needs and can range from full back-office accounting support to a la carte services. See our accounting services here.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Once materials are gathered and we have an action plan, then we begin implementation. We work with the relevant team members to put things in motion. We engage you along the way so you are fully informed of our progress.

Year-Round Engagement

Our job doesn’t stop at implementation. Once we are on boarded with your company, we begin managing your bookkeeping and accounting, so you can focus on your business. We have regularly scheduled touch points with relevant team members and continuously seek efficiencies in our processes.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

We’re ready make invoicing EASY.

Email our team today or call us at (972)-498-1903

A Heart For Helping Small Businesses

Since 1993, Jones Square has been providing bookkeeping and accounting services in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Since then, we’ve expanded into serving small businesses across the country.

We recognize that many small businesses don’t have time or the resources to give the back office the attention it needs. Because of this, we offer affordable and sound accounting and bookkeeping services, so business owners can focus on other aspects of business that really need their attention.

Contact us to schedule a risk-free Meet-and-Greet and find out how we can help you.

A Jones Square employee talking with two clients that both own small businesses and are looking for outsourced invoice processing services in the Plano, Texas area.

FAQS About Our Invoicing Management Services

Outsourcing has always had benefits for businesses; it’s just now becoming more widely used than ever before. You may outsource invoicing services for processing all the necessary tasks involved using specialized software, which will allow you to focus more on developing new features. It will save both time and money by consolidating all financial transactions into one monthly report.

Invoicing can take up time that could otherwise be spent growing the company.

Click here to learn how the outsourcing service process works.

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It enables online invoice payments: With an invoice management system, businesses can accept customer payments on open invoices directly through their web store. Customers can even pay multiple outstanding invoices at the same time online.

Learn about the similar benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping operations.

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The invoices will be fully branded with your logo and company name, with your corporate and bank information, etc. At Jones Square, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, no matter the service.

Meet our team of outsource invoicing experts.

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This depends on number and complexity of the transactions. Do we receive the bill against a Purchase Order, is it just a bill, do we know the coding, the approval process, etc.

Learn more about our outsourced accounts payable services.

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Yes. Accounts payable is an excellent service for to outsource and it works very well – one of the best things a company should outsource. 

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